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Vintage Photos

HJ Whitley's home
©Tim Street-Porter
Whitley Avenue and Franklin 1928.
6786 Whitley Terrace destroyed in 1948 to build 101 freeway.
Swanson home.png

Gloria Swanson's home 2058 Watsonia Terrace

©Tim Street-Porter

6707 Milner Road

The Fontenoy Apartments, Whitley Avenue south of Franklin. 1929

Burton Holmes with Harlow and Kayzer her voice coach.

Jean Harlow standing in front of Samuel Kayzer's house, 6613 Whitley Terrace.

Rear views of 6734 and 6738 Wedgwood Place.

Home built in 1924 by producer Lewis Lewyn and wife, silent screen star Marion Mack. Original location - 2053 Lloyd Lane. Relocated to Iris Circle to avoid demolition when the Hollywood freeway claimed the land.

2071 Grace Avenue

French Village at Cahuenga and Highland corner. Whitley Heights on the hill behind.

Gloria Swanson lived on Watsonia Terrace. Carole Lombard lived on Iris Circle.

Wilcox Avenue at Hollywood Boulevard. Painter Paul de Longpre's estate lower lefthand corner.


6717, 6711, 6691 Whitley Terrance. Circa 1924

Cahuenga Pass 1953.png
Cahuenga Pass 1954

Winding Bon Air Place and the crest of Emmet Terrace, circa 1923. Most of the homes were built by A.S. Barnes. Steep, straight Whitley Avenue is visible on the righthand side. 

Iris Circle postcard. Whitley Terrace once curved from Whitley Avenue to Cahuenga Boulevard.

H.J. Whitley - The Father of Hollywood?

Video of Hollywood Boulevard in the 50s.

Somewhat Current Photos

Ivy cascading over 2015 Whitely Avenue garage. Photo taken 1995.

Dick Lovell did so much for the community.
©Tim Street-Porter
©Tim Street-Porter

"From my second-story veranda I could see acre upon acre of green California grass and bright-hued flowers. I could watch whole regiments of royal palms march down white avenues. I lived on my little porch."  Marie Dressler, Iris Circle

Public Whitley Terrace Steps descends to Milner Avenue.

Louise Brooks home on Grace

Beautification project on Whitley Avenue

Whitley Avenue and Grace Avenue with rainbow

Watsonia tile rooftops. Rear view of 6707 Milner.

Bowl Motel on Highland south of Milner 1960s 

6717 Whitley Terrace. 

©Tim Street-Porter

Community clean up day

Capitol Records Building appears beyond palm trees.

Whitley Terrace and Bon Air Place

©Tim Street-Porter

Rear view of Whitley Terrace. Photo taken by Jerry Solomon from Camrose Drive . 

Bella Vista Way cul de sac 1994.

gate 2.png
garden lot.jpg

                 Dick Lovell's garden lot

Whitley Avenue 1992 with gate installed.
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