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Whitley Heights Civic Association

P.O. Box 1008

Hollywood, CA 90078

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Your contribution makes a difference!

Membership dues benefit our community in many ways:  beautification, doggie bags, security concerns, sponsored events, and the website.


We built a user-friendly website. The new Wix platform presents a huge cost savings. Tim Street-Porter’s timeless photography reflects the historic charm of Whitley Heights. Forums allow residents to post anything from suspicious activity to promoting events. Residents have the ability to opt-in/out to receive notifications from the Forum of your choosing.  


We have a Facebook page managed by Greg Orson. Michael Wiesinger edits our monthly newsletter.  


We campaigned for better infrastructure, and got it. DWP is investing 1.2 million to replace our 90 year old water pipelines.

We contact DOT when red curbs need to be repainted, when gorilla gray obliterates fire lanes, and when parking signs go missing. We call sanitation when trash cans are left on the streets.


Whitley Heights has a strong relationship with LAPD and CD4. Steve Houchin, our neighborhood prosecutor, calls Whitley Heights a model community.

A Safety Subcommittee has joined forces with the Hollywood Heritage Museum to activate the picnic areas. Our goal is to get more lights in the park. In August we sponsored a Bob Baker puppet show. In October we held a graffiti removal workshop.

Commercial locks were installed on the Emmet and Las Palmas gates better known as the Starbucks Stairs. We urged neighbors to install motion sensors and surveillance cameras. Gone are the loiterers, drug paraphernalia, and trash.


Todd Manion, WHCA president, speaks with Councilman David Ryu and Hollywood LAPD Captain Palka about once a month. Carl Ripaldi is in constant communication with CALRANS and city agencies regarding transients perching on the sound wall embankment and popup encampments. We work with post Patrol and other security companies for community safety.


We interact with Assemblyman Nazarian, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, the Sheriff’s Department, Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, and Area 3.


The board spent the better part of last year reviewing and updating our bylaws. The last revision was in 1992.  


WHCA organizes Clean Sweeps. We have a gardener who maintains seven public gardens. Palm tree trimming is on a schedule.


The lamppost holiday garlands got a nip-tuck this year.

We've organized fundraisers. A few years ago we raked in $6,000 at Hamburger Marys. Tim Swan, our resident realtor, donates $1,000 every time he sells a home in Whitley Heights.


New neighbors are presented Welcome Packets. Cheryl Neumann, Brad Chambers, Steven Wolfe, and Kelly Pomerantz serve on the HPOZ board.  


Our Civic Association originally started as a garden club in the 20’s. We are the oldest continually operating civic association in Los Angeles.


Thank you for helping make our Hill the wonderful place it is.