1923 Lost streets.JPG
1923.  The "lost streets" of Whitley Heights:  Fairfield Avenue, Odin Street, Whitley Terrace.

Cropped section of Whitley Heights 1923 showing good shot of Valentino's home at 6776 Wedgewood Place. The 101 freeway sound wall exists in its place.


1926 Looking north up Highland Avenue. Exposed concrete front of Hollywood Reservoir is seen in upper right.

1935.  Close up of Cahuenga Ave/Highland Intersection.
East from near High Tower Elevator c. 19
1935. Photo taken from the High Tower Drive elevator or a nearby hill just south of the Hollywood Bowl. Below the blue dot is the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood at Gower and Carlos, and below the red dot are the Hollywood Tower Apartments at Franklin and Vista Del Mar (the Hollywood Freeway now runs between them). Above the green dot is Whitley Terrace; Wedgewood Place and Milner Road end at Whitley Terrace on the left and right of the green dot, respectively. Looking east.
East at Whitley Terrace - mediun - 4 hom
Marked by dots are . . .Red = 6817 Whitley Terrace
Orange = 2133 Fairfield Ave.  Blue = 2074 Watsonia Terrace.  Yellow = 2062 Watsonia Terrace
1940.  Caheunga Pass has been widened and modernized.  Whitley Heights was at the top of its glamorous form.

December 12, 1963

F - LA Pacific Development Co -Grand Vie

C. 1890